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What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?
Gambar 1. What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

The implementation of digital transformation or data digitization is the initial step in the development of digital manufacturing. With this transformation, the "smart" concept in manufacturing processes can connect operational driving resources, such as humans, with technology. The "smart" concept in Industry 5.0 enables the formation of smart manufacturing. Smart manufacturing is an integrated real-time manufacturing system that combines artificial intelligence, automation, and connectivity to meet customer needs more efficiently and responsively.

Many industries are starting to adapt to Industry 4.0, which is their current focus. Rapid developments in the IT world characterize the Industry 4.0 revolution. The key lies in automation, big data analysis, robotics technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). While many are still adapting to the Industry 4.0 revolution, discussions about the next revolution, Industry 5.0, have already begun. So, what is Industry 5.0 Revolution, and what are its impacts on current and future business strategies? Find out more in the following article.

What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?
Gambar 2. What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

Industry 5.0 Revolution is a concept still in the development and debate stages. Still, it generally refers to the technological advancements continuously enhancing automation and digitization in industries and production sectors. This concept focuses on integrating technology and humans and the need to develop more adaptive and responsive systems to changes in the production environment.

Industry 5.0 Revolution emphasizes integrating advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics with human expertise and innovation, aiming to drive the development of more efficient, flexible, sustainable production systems that enhance well-being. The goal is to create production systems that are more adaptive to changes in market demand, more customer-centric, and optimized for utilizing limited natural resources. Overall, the Industry 5.0 Revolution provides numerous benefits for industries, customers, workers, and society, including increased productivity, production quality, safety, new job opportunities, and reduced negative environmental impacts.

The Beginnings of Industry 5.0 Revolution

What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?
Gambar 3. What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

Over time, various technological concepts have developed rapidly. In 2017, Japan was the first to introduce the vision of Industry 5.0 Revolution. They referred to this concept as "Industrial Revolution 5.0" at the CeBIT exhibition in Germany. This concept aims to facilitate human needs through knowledge based on modern technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics.

"Industrial Revolution 5.0" gained popularity only four years ago, on January 21, 2019. This term is a development from the Industry 4.0 or Industrial Revolution 4.0 revolution. Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Industrial Revolution 5.0 are similar but have different focuses. Industrial Revolution 5.0 focuses more on how humans can coexist with technological advancements. Therefore, all technologies become a part of humanity itself. Hence, society remains the primary subject of controlling and utilizing technology to simplify life and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs). Thus, a balance between the role of humans (society) and the utilization of technology is created.

Quoting from CAO Japan's official website, Industrial Revolution 5.0 is a society that can solve various social challenges and issues by utilizing various innovations created in the era of the Industry 4.0 revolution. For example, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and robots to improve quality of life. This concept is an improvement of various pre-existing ideas.

Differences Between Industry 4.0 and 5.0

What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?
Gambar 4. What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

As mentioned above, a fundamental difference between Industry 4.0 and 5.0 is the shift in focus from economic value to sustainability and well-being.

Other examples of differences are as follows:
  1. Industry 4.0 focuses on automating tasks, while Industry 5.0 focuses on optimizing work hours to complete tasks.

  2. Industry 4.0 focuses on the effectiveness of automated machines and technology, while Industry 5.0 focuses on optimizing a person's knowledge with the help of AI.

  3. Industry 4.0 focuses on computerized systems, while Industry 5.0 focuses on speeding up work with the assistance of machines for human sustainability and well-being.

What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?
Gambar 5. What is the Industry 5.0 Revolution?

Now, Industrial Revolution 5.0 comes with the concept that all technology is a part of humanity. Hence, the internet helps share information, analyze data, and live your life. Thus, a balance between the role of humans (society) and the utilization of technology is created.

Industrial Revolution 5.0 is an era where the virtual dimension integrates with the physical space. All aspects of life will be more practical and automatic. Through this concept, companies can automate production systems, quality control systems, maintenance, product life cycle management, and other operational activities by utilizing various software. Various digital technologies can help companies integrate their production processes to be more efficient and productive.

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